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12/17/18-01/13/19 Expense Report: The Great Australian Christmas Edition (84.75% Savings Rate!!)

In terms of my savings rate, this is the best 4-week period I have had since starting this blog. There is one single, dominating reason I got to an 84.75% savings rate: BONUS SEASON, BABY! The promised bonus I mentioned during the last 4-week period was given, and it has seriously given me confidence, knowing that my hard work pays off. Holding that check made me feel like Ryan Gosling’s character at the end of The Big Short. Just kidding. Knowing that my numbers would be good this period, I took advantage and performed some accounting voodoo so that the […] Read More

11/19/18-12/16/18 Expense Report (72.04% Savings Rate!) Plus Special Bonus Section

While not as monstrous as my last 4-week period, I am happy with the results. I got to a 72.04% savings rate from two key factors: My 11% raise becoming effective during this period Unnecessary/rainy day expenses being way down My company’s performance review cycle came during the middle of this period. I walked away with an 11% raise and a verbal commitment to a 5-figure bonus this year. How? I worked my ass off, honed my skills, and brought new business into my company. I have been keeping my resume updated so recruiters constantly get in touch me, which […] Read More

10/22/18-11/18/18 Expense Report (79.54% Savings Rate!!!)

This 4-week period was the best I have had in a while! A few significant pieces of the pie turned out really well to get the savings rate to 79.54%: MONSTER month from my rentals Low food costs Side hustles paying out These things could not have happened at a better time, as I had to make a couple of large, unavoidable purchases for the home. Compared to the 4-week period before this, my expenses overall were down largely because I went on vacation during the 9/24 to 10/21 period. Individual expenses went up just because I keep track of […] Read More