How to KILL Your Money (And How to Rethink What it Can Do for You)

With the holiday season coming up, people are getting into a massive spending frenzy if they are not in one already.

That frenzy will drive them to do something that will destroy their chances at retirement, let alone an early retirement.

What will they be doing?

They will be killing their money.

Every dollar you spend drives it into its grave. If you have goals beyond working a 9-5 forever, you will need to rethink what money can actually is.

The conventional way to think of money is as a resource. You trade your time for a piece of paper, which you can trade for goods. This piece of paper will allow you to purchase necessities and luxuries. This piece of paper will let you drive to work and to fly to Paris.

If that is the entirety of how you think of money, you have not been giving it enough credit. You have not been treating money with enough respect.

It is not a simple piece of paper.

It is so much more than that.

It has life.

Money can be the best employee you will ever have


Money is the #1 employee that any boss can ask for.

It will never complain about being treated unfairly. It will never gossip with others. It will never get overworked. It will never bear grudges from favoritism (Let’s be honest. It happens everywhere).

It will never clock in or out.

It work will for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on National Holidays.

It is a SUPER-employee with superhuman capabilities.

Think about it.

You are your own company, your own board of directors, your own C-suite, and every time you earn a dollar, you are recruiting one of these new super-employees into your ranks.

Now that I’ve hyped up the dollar, you must be asking yourself:

“How do these dollars exactly work for you as super-employees?”


Put money to work for you as INVESTMENTS

Notice that I only wrote above in terms of money’s potential as super-employees to you.

You will have to put these guys (and gals!) to work wisely if you want to extract every ounce of potential out of them.

You have to land them in favorable positions where they can do their best work, whether they are put in real estate, 401(k), savings accounts, dividend stocks, etc.

If you are an intelligent boss and have chosen a nice position for these super-employees of yours, they will work non-stop to bring in more super-employees (dollars). And those new super-employees will bring in even MORE super-employees. Sooner or later, if you have built the right system(s), you will have too many of these super-employees to know what to do with.

It is up to YOU to put your potential super-employees to work. But because this company you run abides by dictatorial terms, you are also free to line it up in front of a shooting squad on Black Friday or Cyber Money.

Choose your money’s fate wisely

Every dollar you earn can be put up to work forever for you, but once you have handed over your wonderful little green super-employee (your dollar) to the cashier, you have just sentenced it to death.

You will never see it again, and it will never be able to work for you. That is why you have to have your goals on your mind every single day.

Every time you open your wallet and you stare at the money you are about to spend, you have to ask yourself:

“Do I want to put these guys to work for me, or do I want to hand him over to be executed?”

You can either kill your potential employees, or put them to work.

Of course, it would be unrealistic to put every single one of your dollars to work due to necessities like food, utilities, and repairs.

That is why you have think in terms of the greater good. You (the boss) have to survive to keep this company going.

If it takes a sacrifice of few green super-employees to keep you alive for the time being, it must be done.


Money is not an exhaustible resource. It is not a simple piece of paper that you use for bartering.

You have to think of money as the best worker in the universe.

Once you set up your system for money to work for you, it will be doing it forever.

It will continue to happily slave away to bring in more of these little green workers so that you can go and do whatever bosses (like you) want to do.


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