How to KILL Your Money (And How to Rethink What it Can Do for You)

With the holiday season coming up, people are getting into a massive spending frenzy if they are not in one already. That frenzy will drive them to do something that will destroy their chances at retirement, let alone an early retirement. What will they be doing? They will be killing their money. Every dollar you spend drives it into its grave. If you have goals beyond working a 9-5 forever, you will need to rethink what money can actually is. The conventional way to think of money is as a resource. You trade your time for a piece of paper, which […] Read More

The [ONE] Thing Your Resume Needs to Stand Out in the 21st Century

Look. The economy is ever-expanding. Job growth is strong. Needless to say, it is a good time to be a skilled worker looking for a job. If you are one of those people, your resume will be one of the most vital tools at your disposal to take advantage of today’s booming market. The problem? Every single resume out there is going to tout their author’s credentials as best as it can. Honestly, who is going to write a resume that does not try to make them look good? There is one thing that you need to stand out in today’s market: […] Read More