11/19/18-12/16/18 Expense Report (72.04% Savings Rate!) Plus Special Bonus Section

While not as monstrous as my last 4-week period, I am happy with the results.

I got to a 72.04% savings rate from two key factors:

  • My 11% raise becoming effective during this period
  • Unnecessary/rainy day expenses being way down

My company’s performance review cycle came during the middle of this period. I walked away with an 11% raise and a verbal commitment to a 5-figure bonus this year.


I worked my ass off, honed my skills, and brought new business into my company. I have been keeping my resume updated so recruiters constantly get in touch me, which solidifies what I know to be the value I bring to my company.

As for the unnecessary/rainy day expenses, nothing broke around here; I was spared from any silly, unavoidable purchases. This is simply luck, but I will take what I get!

There were capex items (electronics) that I needed to purchase during the 10/22 to 11/18 period, but food and entertainment went up this time around. Because of that, expenses for this period and last were pretty much the same.

Yes, I spent a lot of money on food and outings with my friends, and do not regret one bit of it. What is the point of obtaining financial independence and early retirement if I don’t have friends to share it with, especially during the holiday season?

Here are my expenses for this period:


  • As predicted, food expenses went up due to special occasions (holidays). If I take away all of the holiday meals, my grand total for food during this period comes out to only $49.29!
  • Any holiday gift expenses will be pushed out until the next period. I have spent nothing on gifts so far, which is a fact I am very proud of! Black Friday deals were insane this year, but I just kept my head down and reminded myself that spending money on material things is pointless. I will just be handing out cash to a few close family members.
  • I will be leaving on a trip soon, so my blow fund will be drained. I do not plan on going on another big vacation anytime soon, so I will have a good amount of time to build back up my Blow Fund. For this of you just getting on board my blog and wondering what that Fund is, I have a brief explanation in last period’s report.
  • I went on a 6-day period without spending a single dime!  I went back to my spreadsheet, and it turned out to be the longest no-spend streak since a 7-day streak back in June 2017!!
  • I am not proud of spending only 1% on books. It was actually 0% last period. I really need to step it up with self development and investing in myself. Reading more and investing in myself will be my main 2019 goals.
  • Savings went down 9.43% compared to 10/22 to 11/18, but it was from an unusually well-performing period. At 72.04%, I am still doing well above average compared to my previous 4-week periods. I’ll take it!


Annualized, this puts me on track for a $24,837.02 year. This is already down more than $3,000 from last period! This is a great indicator for next year, as I made a goal to spend less than $23,000 in 2019.

Considering that many of the food expenses this period were non-repeatable because of the holidays, I can lower the food expenses this period for a preview on what I can potentially lower my annual expenditures to.

My food costs typically fall around $250 for a 4-week period. Taking that into account, my annualized expenses can be as low as $22,568.52. Obviously that is assuming everything goes as well as it did this time, which is unrealistic. However, it gives me reason to believe that my goal is achievable.

A more reasonable prediction would be taking the average of the last two 4-week periods I have been analyzing. Annualized, it comes out to $26,387.47 per year. It is heading in the right direction.

I like it.

Special Bonus Section

I want to give another shoutout to AMC’s A-list. I promise I am in no way associated with AMC! This is absolutely my best purchase of the year. I have watched five movies during this period and easily got my money’s worth. Here are my spoiler-free thoughts on each:

  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. This film was a waste of time, talent, and potential. Johnny Depp’s character was flat and boring, but he made the best of it with great delivery and the usual Depp-charisma. Grindelwald had always been hyped as one of the most powerful characters in the Harry Potter Universe. He was the only one to truly rival Dumbledore! What a waste! The sloppy script and try-hard attempts at forcing in Game-of-Thrones-type plot twists were cringe-worthy. I regret sitting through this. (1/5)
  • Green Book. I absolutely loved this one. Viggo Mortensen melted himself into his character and portrays a crass, violent, but empathetic anti-hero with a spine. The film knew exactly what it was, and you could tell everyone involved was having fun. This is the best feelgood movie I have seen in a long time. (4/5)
  • Schindler’s List. This was the first time I have ever seen the movie. I had been tempted to watch it at home, but am so glad I had held out until it was up on the big screen again. I went in thinking that today’s ultra graphic and violent movies like John Wick and Saw would have desensitized me, but I was fully unprepared for how powerful this film was. My heart was broken. Everyone needs to watch this at least once in their lifetimes. (5/5)
  • Widows. The entire cast was great in this. I had never had the pleasure of watching Viola Davis in any movie or show, but she blew it out of the water. The script was A+. I do not want to get too deep into this one in order to avoid spoilers. Just watch it! (3/5)
  • Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. This is hands down the best Spider-Man movie ever (Yes, better than both The Amazing Spider-Man and Homecoming!!). The visuals were unique and the story was fresh. They took the origin story shtick and turned it on its head. They need to make a series of movies out of this. There is a post-credits scene (when is there not??) so stay for it! I will be watching this one again. (5/5)

That’s all, folks!


2 Replies to “11/19/18-12/16/18 Expense Report (72.04% Savings Rate!) Plus Special Bonus Section

  1. Hey Sam!

    Just found your blog. I’m an electrical engineer too 🙂 Or will be when I graduate this May at least. Nerds unite!

    Your savings rate is impressive. A 65% savings rate will allow someone to retire after ~10 years assuming “normal” retirement conditions. You’ve got that beat and sounds like you’re on track.


    1. Eric, us engineers have to stick together. The job market is great right now. You are graduating at a very good time!!

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