Advertise For Us

You might have heard of billboards that advertise for us in our communities. Did you know that these also promote other businesses? Banners that are used for advertising also serve as a form of advertising for those who own them. But did you know that these businesses are not the only ones that benefit from using vinyl wrapped billboards? Even the people who live around them are benefiting from them!

In our community, there are quite a few businesses that use outdoor billboards. One of those businesses is the cannabis store. As you may know, marijuana is illegal in many states and is highly illegal. But because of the stigma surrounding it, cannabis is often illegal, but legal, sold in our community. This means anyone can place any advertisement on the outdoor billboard located in their vicinity, and they can pay the owner of the sign anytime they want to advertise for us!

But the benefits don’t just stop there! Because cannabis is now being sold in a number of forms, including in the form of capsules, oils, and gels, those who sell it are now advertising for us as well! And if the store also sells other types of merchandise, such as clothing or electronics, then that would mean even more potential business! So, not only are the local business owners benefiting from placing their ads on the sign spinners, but they are advertising for a whole host of other businesses.

In addition to the outdoor signs, another form of advertising for which we have plenty of choice is the sidewalk sign. This is especially appealing to persons under twenty-one years old. Why is this? Because it is against the law to advertise for us on the sidewalks, unless it is done in a way that does not include drug reference or suggestive language.

For example, you could place an ad on a “Yelp” review website, or you can use wording from an anti-drug campaign. In either case, you are free to use whichever wording you choose. The key is that you are not allowed to make any references to the sale or consumption of cannabis, unless it is clear to the person looking at the sign that the reference is factual information about cannabis. This is a bit like telling someone looking at your t-shirts that they will look cool if they wear a hemp shirt because it’s cool.

So what should you do if you want to place two 1,600 square inch signs on your licensed premises? Well, you really don’t need to advertise for us at all. You could, instead, put up a sign stating that you are the owner of a licensed retail cannabis outlet and that anyone who comes in must first obtain a valid commercial license. You can call this signage, but I prefer to call it a sign spinners, because the actual cannabis logo will be contained in two 1,600 square inch signs, thus making it easier for the average human being to find the store. Just make sure the shop is licensed by the local government to sell cannabis before you install any more than two 1,600 square inch signs.

As long as you have followed the previous steps, you should be fine. The only other thing you should have done is post the proper license number for each location and also inform anyone who reads your signs that you are not licensed to sell cannabis. If you have not yet done so, you should definitely start doing so right away. These are your first customers, people who will most likely end up calling in to order additional products from you, so don’t leave them without order. The last thing anyone wants to happen is for you to run out of marijuana because you didn’t have enough good stogy to put in your order.

That is all there is to it. Now that you know how to advertise for us and how to get a license, start looking for your marijuana-infused products. If you can’t find what you need, don’t worry about it. There are so many other options out there that it’s not like any of your customers will be dissatisfied with your product. Remember that this is just the beginning, and eventually, you will have enough sales to open up your own recreation center.